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Mike did a great job on finishing an area for my home gym. He showed up on time was polite and did an outstanding job. High quality for a very reasonable price. If I ever need work again I am calling Mike. Best part no sanding!! I have no drywall dust lingering around the house. Thanks Mike                                           Craig Dotson

Mike did an excellent job repairing our drywall. He was on time, reasonably priced, completed the job in a timely manner and there was absolutely no mess. He exceeded our expectations on all three of the repairs.


 I have hired Michael twice now for drywall work, both repair and new install. Both times were great and I would highly recommend their work to anyone. Timely, courteous and good at their craft. You won’t be disappointed.

                                                                 Mike P.

Truly a magician, a master at his craft. 

                     The Disputed Lands

Mike did an amazing job. He did way more than we called him in to do. He finished and fixed the drywall that we hung ourselves, as well as any other imperfections that existed. He also came back and fixed more stuff that we found afterwards. He was very communicative, professional, cleaned up afterwards, and complete within the timeline he gave us. I would highly recommend Houdinis Drywall Magic to anyone that needs any sort of drywall work done.

                                                                          Steven McCall

I had a great experience with Mike and his son. They were very professional and process of finishing my basement was excellent. Upon completion he cleaned up the work area and made sure I was 100% satisfied before leaving. I would definitely say he went above and beyond what was asked of him to ensure that this job was perfect. Mike was top notch in my book! Keep up the great work!                                                                                         Adriana Lam

They are the BEST! 

           Mary Schulz

 Mike and his son did an outstanding job repairing the damaged drywall in my home. The entire process was seamless, convenient and very professional. I have had work done on my property in the past, and had to clean up the mess. This did not happen with Houdini's Drywall Magic! The repairs done on the drywall looks as if it never happened! The workmanship and professionalism and pride in their craft was amazing. I want to thank Mike and let the world know that this is the company to call with any drywall issues! 

                                                              Luther Harris

I’ve been using Michael for years, his attention to detail is second to none! Cleanest drywall company anywhere!!                                                                         Home Handyman Colorado

Mike repaired a section of my vaulted popcorn ceiling which was damage during a late Spring storm when a tree hit my roof. Our greatest concern was being able to notice where the repair was made. Mike was able to make a seamless repair in which we honestly can't tell there was ever a problem Houdini Magic! 

                                                            Michael Herndon

Mike has done several projects for my home with professionalism, reasonable price, and politeness. I will definitely use Mike again in the near future as my home is 28 years old and needs drywall repairs. Mike is a trustworthy, outstanding Christian man who gets the job done with integrity.

                                                               Mina Ha

Mike was professional, polite and very helpful in texturing to match our drywall repair. If you want a no headache professional repair call Mike.                                                                                 Francis Thoennes

Wonderful experience with great results. They are very considerate and protect your environment and clean up after the job is exceptional. We actually hired them for another area of our house immediately after the first job was completed. Highly recommend.

                                                                     Judy R.

 Mike and his son Jeremy are a super good team. Very professional and capable. Their work is truly excellent and they go beyond to delight by fixing extra things when they see something needing a little attention, yet they didn’t add that to my bill.
Very conscientious about being careful in my house. Always wear foot protection on my floors and put down ample carpet drop cloth protection.
No dust because they don’t sand. They don’t need to. Excellent plastic protection screens to keep any overage of material away from nearby surfaces.
I could not be more pleased with their work and attitude. Extremely trustworthy to have in my house. Never a concern. Always showed up on time. Worked hard the entire time here. Finished exactly on the time committed.
I highly recommend Houdini Drywall. 5 stars.                                                           Danny Oldfield

Called them on a Sunday because our normal company did not show up for two weeks. Mike showed up an hour after I called him and took care of everything beautifully. The installation was perfect and we will defiantly call him again if any issues arise in the future. Thanks a lot for everything and take care. 

                                                               Ashley Knutson

They responded very quickly to my request and were able to get me scheduled within two days. They showed up on time and did great work! I painted, you can not even tell there was a repair done. Not the cheapest out there. but they do quality work and I would highly recommend. 

                                                                    Alanah F.

He came out very quickly after the initial call and fixed holes in my drywall, he did a great job highly recommend. 

                         Dan Wilson

This company seemed genuinely concerned about our unfortunate water pipe break right before the New Year. Much of our upper loft ceiling had to be replaced. They worked with us and our schedule the entire time.

We greatly appreciated their professionalism. 

                                                                           Denise L.

He did a great job. He was on time and professional and given the fact that he seems to do nothing more than drywall, he is very good at it. I would absolutely recommend him for any drywall work.

                                                                  Darin A. 

Houdini did excellent work with our patch, seamlessly blending it with the existing wall and texture. Definitely recommend for patching and texture. 

                                                                 Randy D.

I have had the pleasure of using Mike at Houdini's Drywall on 3 separate occasions. 2 repairs and 1 kitchen remodel. His work was just like brand new. There is no way to tell where the old drywall stopped and the new started. The mess was minimal and never any sanding. I thought his prices were reasonable and he was always on time. I would not hesitate to use him again or refer him to friends or family. 

                                                                     Christy W.

I hired Mike solely on his reviews and they were spot on. His attention to detail and care took a troubled plaster ceiling and made it look perfect. Kind and courteous, prompt and professional.....what more could you ask for.



Wonderful job by a true drywall professional. Highly recommended. Thank you for the fine work.

                                                                     Stuart J.

Houdini's Drywall Magic lives up to the name. In addition fantastic communication and scheduling, this company takes care to do the job right. From proper prep of the area to final clean up, they were ultimate professionals. And the drywall work itself was perfect. I had a 1' x 4' hole in the basement ceiling that needed repair and matching to the existing knockdown textured ceiling. After Houdini's work, its impossible to tell where the repair was done. I would absoutely recommend this company.

                                                                       Brad J.

I have hired Michael with Houdini's two times now and looking to potentially hire him again for a water leak repair job.  He is good at matching existing dry wall patterns and new skip step projects too.  He is timely, courteous and good at his craft.  You will like his work!

                                                                            Mike P.

I am very pleased with Mike's work. He patched and blended in 5 different places in my ceilings. They were professional, on time, easy to work with and did an excellent repair job and clean up. I am so glad I called him as he solved my ceiling problems. I needed magic and he provided it.

                                                                       Mike W. 

We Had A Total Drywall Disaster On Our Hands As The Previous Drywaller Not Only Did A Patchy, Not-To-Code Job But Also Used The Wrong Screws Which Were Drilled Into Plumbing And Electrical. We Needed A Full House Completely Drywalled From Hang To Finish, And Our House Is Not Basic! It Has Complex Walls, Many Windows, Some High Walls And Ceilings, And On Top Of All Of That We Needed To Have All Damaged Drywall Removed From The Previous Failed Job. Michael and his team came in and really helped us out. Houdini's Drywall Magic removed ALL of the damaged drywall, checked rough walls for any pipe and wire damage, in some cases re-framed portions of ceilings and walls, built out uneven areas, turned basic walkways into beautiful arches, hung new drywall that passed the first inspection, and finished out the job with tape/mud//texture and even primed and painted. The amount of work that was done by Michael and his team was incredible and there are now aspects of our home that we only thought would happen in a dream (like the AMAZING arches). Since the completion of the drywall work, we have had contractor friends in our house and they ask for Houdini's number because they can tell just how great and unique the work is. The photos attached are before and after photos of some of the areas in our home (including what the first failed drywaller left us with). The cost of the project was high, but was worth every penny, and I honestly do not think we could have had anywhere near the same quality of work done by anyone else for that price. 

                                                                                                                                                                                              Moe G.

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