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We will gladly offer an estimate to paint our repairs and we guarantee to match your paint color and sheen and if you choose to paint yourself, we can offer tips, to assure that your repair becomes invisible.

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How to Assure An Invisible Repair


An invisible result begins with a drywall repair that is level and flush with the surrounding surface and and the joints are seamless by applying drywall compound outward to create a flat surface with the existing.


To achieve this result, it is important to follow certain steps before painting as it is very important to seal the drywall repair with a high quality drywall primer/sealer prior to painting.

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Priming & Sealing Tips

Painting without sealing the drywall will cause "flashing" of the newly painted surface, the area looks good until it dries, then it tends to stand out from various angles or even at every angle when looked at.

The flashing occurs due to the drywall compound being very dry and absorbing the paint into the interior of the repair before it dries, leaving only a thin coat at the surface, which makes it appear as a bad paint match or a bad repair due to the highlighting of the repair area.

Application Instructions

1. Be sure that the entire repair is dry, it will appear white if dry, if it appears gray or has any gray in it, it is not ready to paint.

2. Begin by making sure that your primer/sealer is well mixed, you can begin by having your paint supplier shake up the can, however, this is not always totally effective and might require a stir stick when ready to apply. 


3. For small to medium repairs it is suggested to use a 4" - 6" inch roller, known as the hot dog. This roller will absorb much less material (creating less waste) and is easier to roll than the conventional 9" inch rollers.








4. Begin by rolling from the center of the repair area and move outward  and feathering just beyond the actual repair. 

5. Allow the primer/sealer to completely dry before applying an additional coat if necessary, or applying paint as this could cause the primer/sealer to pull away from the wall and create a bubble.

Apply a coat of paint and if you wish, apply a second coat only after allowing the first coat to dry.

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